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Hired! | March 2023

Featured Article:

Do You Really Need a Cover Letter? Really?? 

Even if a cover letter isn't a mandatory part of a job application, new research shows why including one is a smart move (but only if you want to land an interview, that is)!

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Managing "Shift Shock"

New-job jitters are normal, but what should you do if your new job turns out to be nothing like you were led to believe? Here's what you can do.

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Mind Racing? Find Stillness

Feel like you live on a merry-go-round?Tend to overthink things? Here's how to get your mind to stop spinning.

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Interview Tip of the Month:

Prepare to Shine in Any Interview Situation

Face-to-face interviews come in a variety of forms: behavioral, situational, structured and panel, to name a few. How can you prepare to shine in any of these situations?

  1. Prepare talking points in small, manageable chunks so that you can adapt them to the needs of the interview.

  2. Maintain perspective. Although you are being interviewed, remember that you are actually interviewing the employer, too. Always have a few questions ready to ask about the position and the company.

  3. Don't forget to breathe! A few discreet deep breaths can help you relax and release some of the tension from your body.

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