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Get Ahead With This End-of-Year Career Checklist

Want next year to be better than this one? Before the ball drops, do these things to prepare yourself for greater career success in 2022:

Take Inventory of Your Year

  • Identify tasks you accomplished, skills you used, and goals you reached.
  • Include soft skills developed because of the pandemic, such as resilience, adaptability, and communication.
  • Make a strengths and weaknesses list.

Update Your Career Documents and Networks

  • Use the information from your skills and experiences to update your resume and cover letter.
  • Review your LinkedIn profile and social media accounts to make sure they reflect current information.
  • Add all new contacts to your networks.

Maximize Remaining Time

  • Was there a milestone you missed last year? Get it done before the new year.
  • Did your skills review uncover an opportunity that would look great on your resume? Go after it.
  • Dedicate time to learning a new professional skill in the new year. Start now.

Set Career Goals

  • Write a one-line vision statement for your career.
  • Make a list of goals for the year and create smaller milestones that will guide you to them.
  • Resolve to revisit the goals and milestones weekly or monthly to stay on track.

Make It a Team Effort

  • Create a personal board of directors of trusted friends to help guide your goal path.
  • Avoid blind spots by asking these advisors for feedback on your personal skills assessments.
  • Ask them if they see opportunities to improve your skills and marketability.

Communicate Your Vision

  • Clearly communicate your career goals, especially to those who can help make them happen.
  • Make an appointment with your manager to talk about your career path in the company.
  • If you're working through a staffing firm, connect with your recruiter to share your updated vision for your career - and find out how they can help.
  • Identify others who might be able to help you grow in your role and ask for advice.

Evaluate Your Current Position

  • Prepare for your next salary review by researching your salary range and benefits.
  • Decide whether you can attain your career goals within the organization or if you need to look for opportunities elsewhere.
  • Identify development opportunities and pain points and make a plan to address them.

Send a Holiday Greeting

  • Connect with your contacts and let them know you are thinking of them.
  • If you're planning a job search, warm up potential targets with good wishes.
  • Make it non-denominational, authentic, and celebratory.

Apply With a Staffing Firm

  • Connect with experts that specialize in your work.
  • Gain access to a network of great jobs.
  • Explore interesting options for employment you haven't yet considered.

Best Wishes for Career Success in 2022 and Beyond!